You want to optimize your payment terms?

You want to optimize your supply-chain?

You want to diversify your finance partners?

TOME FINANCE® gives Buyers a transparent overview about their supply-chain to improve its performance and to supports their Reverse Factoring and Dynamic Discounting.


  • Increase supply-chain visibility
  • Improve supply-chain performance & relationships
  • Optimize payment terms
  • Support Reverse Factoring & Dynamic Discounting
  • Improve financial rating

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Upload your company profile.

Sign the Security Contract to guarantee that your data is safe.

Ask for evaluation.


A Validation Administrator checks completeness and authenticity of your key figures & data.

If something is missing, the Validation Administrator will contact you.

If it is complete, valid, and sufficient you will receive a Validation Message and become a “Validated Buyer”.


As “Validated Buyer” you have access on the statistical transaction data to review their conditions.


The Onboarding Process starts, on real-time the supply-chain of your orders are visible.

Exploit supply-chain performance

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