You want to minimize costs of your business development?

You want to minimize costs of client´s due diligence?

You want to minimize risks of your investments?

TOME FINANCE® gives Investors easily access to a variety of transparent investment opportunities and to select the best one


  • Easy access to transparent investment opportunities
  • Transaction transparency incl. supply-chain visibility
  • Low-risk investments
  • Low administration cost
  • Safe entrance to new markets

Become Investor and buy transparent receivables over TOME FINANCE®


Upload your company profile.

Register as Investor, who is in the EU and authorized by your Country’s Financial Supervisory Authority or Central Bank to execute financial services per CRR (EU Directive No. 575/2013 and SSM (EU Directive 1024/2013).

Sign the Security Contract to guarantee that your data is safe.

Ask for evaluation.


A Validation Administrator checks completeness and authenticity of your key figures & data.

If something is missing, the Validation Administrator will contact you.

If it is complete, valid, and sufficient you will receive a Validation Message and become a “Validated Investor”.


As “Validated Investor” you have access the key figures & data from many Suppliers, who want to sell receivables.

Review the transparent transactions and decide which investment is best.

Agree on a contract with the relevant Supplier.


The Onboarding Process starts, on real-time the supply-chain is visible for the Investor & Buyer.

Buy the receivable and make an easy and safe investment.

Exploit investment opportunities

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